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We are temporarily extending the duration for Doctors to collect feedback from 8 weeks to 12 weeks as we support doctors during the current Covid-19 period.  This will be applicable for newly initiated surveys and will not automatically be retrospectively applied to accounts, however Designated Bodies can action manual extensions as per the usual process.

Following the Wales Revalidation Appraisal Group meeting on the 25th February 2021, it was agreed that the minimum number of patient feedback forms required on Orbit360 will be reduced from 34 to 20 with immediate effect. Supporting guidance documents will be updated in due course.

We currently have limited access to the office, any patient forms sent to us via post will be collected once per week. We will upload these to a doctor’s profile when these are collected and therefore there may be a delay in doing so. We are operating as normal for scanned copies and these will appear on a doctor’s account within 2 working days. You can email a scanned copy of the questionnaires to

We will keep you updated on any developments. Many thanks for your understanding during this time. Until further notice, the Orbit360 Service Desk will be operating an email only service. For the latest updates, visit the Orbit360 homepage

Orbit360 frequently asked questions

Local Survey Administrator

Wherever possible, the doctor should not facilitate the feedback process themselves. Licensed doctors are required to seek formal feedback from both colleagues and patients at least once every 5 years, in order to gather the supporting information they require for revalidation. This can also be referred to as Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) or 360 feedback. You will hand the patient the feedback pack which should include;

  • a feedback form that includes an online code (at the top of each form)
  • Patient Guidance (downloadable PDF)

Last updated 09/12/2020

Please collate the forms and return patient forms to us in one batch (where possible) once sufficient forms have been completed. Ensure you do not send forms with staples, and where possible, the forms are double sided, and files are PDF documents. 

Paper feedback forms can be returned to us in 2 ways;

Via post to; Revalidation Support Unit - Orbit360, Ty Dysgu, Cefn Coed, Nantgarw, CF15 7QQ - please remember to take a copy of the forms before they are posted and retain these until your report has been generated in Orbit360. It is important that the correct postage is paid, and you include a return address on the back of the envelope before posting. We recommend taking the forms to a post office so the weight can be checked prior to posting.

Anything sent to us via the post where insufficient postage fees have not been paid will not reach the Revalidation Support Unit (RSU). Royal Mail indicate that they will hold your item for 18 days, after which if the postage is still outstanding, it will be returned to you. Please note that this may delay the completion of your feedback exercise.

Via email to; – please ensure the scans are clear and the full form is visible in the picture. All QR codes on the forms must be straight and visible to ensure the forms reading software can allocate the forms correctly. If this is not done, we may need you to re-scan and re-send the forms to us.

Last updated 24/03/2021

No, all forms and codes are linked via the code to the doctor – it is important that you do not include their details when returning the forms to us.

If the patient completes a paper form you should collect this from them, wherever possible, before they leave the clinic/workplace. Once you have collected all paper forms these can either be scanned electronically and emailed to or sent back to us via post.

If the patient complete the feedback electronically you should discard the corresponding paper form. A paper form will become invalid once the code at the top of the form is used. 

Last updated 09/12/2020

If a patient provides feedback electronically using the unique code at the top of the form, you should discard the corresponding paper form. A paper form will become invalid once the code at the top of the form has been redeemed.

If you do not have access to a scanner but would like to return patient forms electronically, you can use an app available for both mobiles and tablets. The recommended app is Microsoft Lens which can be downloaded for free, the app enhances the photo by cropping, sharpening and straightening the image making it suitable to use for this purpose.

You can download the app using the links below;

app store icon  google play store icon v2

It is important that the patient feedback forms are scanned correctly, if the scan is blurry and/or not entirely visible, the software may not be able to extract the data. Please ensure;

  • That both sides of the patient feedback form are scanned, either on separate pages or as a duplex (please do not staple the forms or put a password protect on the document)
  • The patient forms are as straight as possible and the full form, including QR codes, are visible
  • If you are using an app via a phone or tablet, we recommend Microsoft Lens as this automatically straightens and enhances the scan

The patient forms can be sent in 1 PDF document and emailed to It is imperative that you retain the patient forms for a minimum of 14 days in case there are any issues with the scan. The patient forms should then be securely destroyed.

Last updated 25/11/2020

Please ensure you keep a copy of the completed patient forms securely for 14 days before disposing of securely. We may need to review the form if there is an issue with the scanning process.

The Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) will retain an electronic copy of the patient forms securely for 1 year in line with our privacy and retention policy.

Last updated 30/03/2021

If the patient forms have not been scanned correctly, we may need them to be resubmitted to us. It is important that the patient forms are scanned correctly, for more information go to ‘How do I scan the patient feedback forms?’

A partially completed form can be returned and included in your report. The forms are verified by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and if a duplicate answer or non-response is found then this will be marked as ‘no response’ and show as no value on your report. For example; you receive 30 completed forms, but some forms are incomplete, the totals on your final report may not all add up to 30.

Blank patient forms cannot be included in your returned forms or your report.

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